Friday, April 27, 2007

the homeless with take over

I have no new photos. I'm lame.

Because my "friends" let their extended families control their lives I'm now on the look out for a place to live for the summer. Nic and I are going to be living together and in three weeks we will both be homeless. But at least we'll be homeless together. We found a couple places subleasing out apartments and efficiencies for the summer and I'll be doing some emailing this weekend to places we'll potentially be living.

I have yet to inform my parents on my current living situation. As far as they know I'm still moving in with my friends in a couple weeks. It's not that I'm afraid to tell them, whether they disagree with my decisions or not doesn't concern me. I haven't told them because it's my situation, I have to figure things out without any parental guidance. I wanna figure things out on my own.

If I sell my plasma I can get $200 cash every month. $200 for just sitting there with a couple needles in my arm. It's every week, twice a week and at my convenience. Why haven't I been doing this months ago?!?

Two more weeks of classes and it couldn't go any slower. I just want summer to start. mmm, summer. No more school work for over 3 months, mo more exams, just work and sleep and WoW.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

my bad

I started working at the night club last weekend and it wasn't as tough as I had expected it to be. My job, as of now, consists me keeping the bars stocked with drinks (mostly beer), and it's pretty easy.

big motha'fuckin' guy: "Hey man, you security?"

me: *looks at the big mothafuckin' guy and looks down at myself* "Do I LOOK like security?"

big motha'fuckin' guy: *laughing* "Hell no!"

But if a fight does break out I have to go to it and try to stop it... yea the fuck right, like I could stop a fight. I'm more likely to cause one.

Oh, and the Decemberists show Friday night was fucking amazing!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

generation why

A lot has happened in this last week of me being blogger MIA.
  1. Nic head butted me in my/her/our sleep.
  2. I had a talk with the Assistant District Attorney and got Lloyd's ticket dropped at my expense.
  3. I got a job.
  4. I found out my older brother is moving far away very soon.
  5. Iv decided to cut back my smoking.
  6. I realized that I haven't been drunk in fucking months.
  7. I was impressed by my younger brother, Lloyd's, blog post.
  8. I realized I can't speak English.
  9. The people who I was supposed to be living with in the up coming month called and gave me a really shitty reason why I can't live there anymore so I might be homeless for a little while.
1) Yes, while we were both fast asleep Nicole head butted me. It took me a little time to figure out what the fuck just happened. It woke me up but she was still fast asleep. Apparently she was dreaming about hitting her head on a wall and instead of a wall she got me smack dead in the forehead. I'm sleeping with a nocturnal ninja.

2) The mutual "too fast for conditions" speeding ticket Lloyd and I got a while back were up for debate between us and the ADA. Instead of trying to get my ass out of the water, I dug myself a little deeper into a hole so Lloyd could get out of one. His ticket was dropped 100% and $100 was added to mine. Although, Lloyd owes me roughly what the ticket costs so it all balances out really.

3) I'm employed again. I got a job at a night club of all places! My buddy the DJ introduced my to the manager at the club and after talking to her for a little bit she offered me to job right off. I start tomorrow night. It doesn't sounds tough at all, keeping things at the bar stocked and just little basic stuff here and there. I get a radio and ear piece and if a fight breaks out (and they do) I have to drop what I'm doing and go help stop it... like a bouncer I guess. I'm look forward to getting in the middle of fights, sounds fun.

4) My older brother, Jake, is moving to Arizona in a couple months. I'm really excited for him, he got a transfer down and a really nice apartment in Scottsdale I believe. He's leaving in about a month after a trip to New York. But this really has nothing to do with me so I'm going to move right a long...

5) My smoking was on a steady rise and I knew it. I know it's "bad for me" but what the fuck isn't bad for someone these days? I'm not stopping, not yet anyhow, just cutting back. I'm not 100% sure why I am... I just am.

6) The last time I got nice and drunk was like two months ago. I'm in college, what the fuck?

7) Lloyd wrote a blog post that really impressed me. He put it in a 'frame' (he didn't know he did, but he did) and it was well written and here I am not blogging nearly enough while everyone around me is starting blogs and keeping up with them. Again, what the fuck?

8) I'm learning more and more that I can't speak English. I confused an exclamation point for an apostrophe the other day and Nicole had a field day laughing at me. Also, I'm verbally dyslexic and say things like "Is your car locked in your phone?" or "Think I can play sex while having a guitar?" Those are always good for a laugh...

Finally 9) This one is tough to explain. For that past four months I was under the impression that I would be living with some Engaged friends of mine and for the past four months I checked in with them periodically to make sure everything was still cool and that I would have a place to live once kicked out of the dorms at the end of the semester. I got a call Saturday afternoon and my friend gave me this INCREDIBLY lame excuse why I no longer can. It was so fucking incredibly lame what it was necessary for my to write 'incredibly' all in caps just now. It had to do with an uncle not being cool with me living here... they were both fine with it, but an objection from an uncle made it so I no longer have a place to live. They are the ones getting married, they are the ones to asked me if I wanted to stay there. Why is someone else telling them how to live their lives? No idea... grow a backbone and be your own person. And if that was all a lie because they were in fact no longer cool with the idea of me living there (and we go way back, 7+ year for all of us) then they should have just been honest with me. So now I need to find a place to live temporarily... At least I have a job now...

There, you're all caught up. I'll try to not make this a weekly thing and start blogging more often.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


It's snowing out right now. A couple weeks ago the temprature was in the 70's. And now, it' FUCKING SNOWING!

A reoccurring shoulder problem has once again reoccurred so Iv been having tons of fun with that.

Nic's cat, Caboose is currently laying on the bed half asleep looking at me and being all cute. I wonder if she has any idea that I'm allergic to her and that right now my eye is itching like a mother fucker.
There are very few people I went to high school with that I would even think to call me friend today. Is this unfortunate? Not really, most people I went to high school with aren't really worth the time. They may have graduated but never left high school behind. Maybe I just act too old for being 20.
Iv met a lot of Nic's friends over the past couple months and the other day, Easter actually, when we were leaving one of her friend's apartments I realized that she has only met one of my friends, the one who sorta introduced us in the first place. This led me to thinking about all the friends I had in high school (or the lack there of). I thought about how they acted 4 or 5 years about when we were all in school and how I see them act today. Not too much has changed.
I got a wall posting on facebook from someone I went to high school with the other day. Not really a good friend, more of an acquaintance. She wants to get together this summer and catch up, which I'm all for. But she goes on to mention other people from the old days, people (old friends) who I've come to realize I have no tolerance for. Maybe catching up isn't the greatest idea...
I was playing world of warcraft the other day when a message popped up on my screen from someone known as a 'game master'. From what I can tell it's someone who works for Blizzard (who made WoW) and just monitors the game for anyone in violation of rules. Apparently I was in violation of a rule involving my character's name. Apparently "Sodomidity" is inappropriate. I didn't chose that name mind you, Nic was the one who picked it!
Hmm, there is one more gap between photos that I want to fill...

With the remaining shrimp from our sushi experiment Nic sautéed it up with some pineapple and put it over rice. I was a bit skeptical at the idea of fruit and shrimp but when I tasted it I nearly creamed my pants! Ok, so it wasn't that extreme but it was damn good!

Did I mention how it's snowing out and how my should is killing me and how my eyes itch from the cute cat laying on the bed and how I like to bitch about things?

I did?


Friday, April 06, 2007


I learned how to sauté. It's shrimp, crab, and tomato that was beautifully sautéed and added to fettuccine alfredo. Sound good? It was. Nicole and I do a lot of cooking, which mean we do a lot of grocery shopping which also mean that I need to get a job soon so that I can afford to keep buying food to make these awesome dinners. Currently there is a homemade quiche in the oven and I'm starving!

My speech on war-torn African children went over well enough, the usual really. I got up there, ignored what I had written on my note cards, talked/rambled, and hoped that I wouldn't go over the seven minute time limit. It's a good thing I ignored my notes, on the 4th day of speeches the professor gave this big thing on how most people were going up in front of class and just reading word for word off their cards which isn't a speech. Being unprepared and not rehearsing totally helped me out.
There are a couple ducks outside of Nicole's apartment. I was quacking at them the other day in hopes of getting a response but received none. I want to catch them and start a duck farm. Who doesn't want to have a little cute baby duckling running around their apartment? I know I would. The market for ducks around here is very slim so I figure that it would be a good business investment. I'll be selling ducks some time in the near future so start placing your orders now.
The calluses on my fingers have come back so my guitar playing has increased substantially. Lloyd has surpassed my guitar abilities long ago and it's time I start catching up to him, he's good so I have a lot of work ahead of me. I used to play a lot, but when I was working and going to school full time I was too tired (lazy) to play all the time.

I'm slowing hacking away at a business plan I have to write for my business class. It feels a bit pointless these days seeing is that I'm no longer a business major, but I can't drop the class and I need a reasonable grade.

My major has gone from business to sociology with a minor in psychology. Subjects that I know I like and have past experience in. Plus, switching to this major cut a semester out of my total time in college so that's a big plus.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

my heart is an apple

I picked up a bunch of job applications but haven't gotten around to filling them out. They are so tedious and all the same, but I need to do it, I need to get a job within the next month or I'm going to start whoring myself.

"Do you know if you're hiring at all?"

"Not at the moment."

I heard this time and time again on Sunday. It would be nice is my level of awesomeness was high enough that people were offering ME the jobs.

March was a really slow blogging month for me, but that happens every now and then. I just had less to write about and less time to do it. My theory is that one needs to be depressed to blog and I no longer find myself depressed, it sucks! Well, this may not be true for everyone just me.

Damn my happiness!