Monday, October 31, 2005

its halloween so...MERRY HALLOWEEN!!!
i actually finished my english paper today after putting it off for two weeks. the rest of my week should be pretty boring now, i dont think ill have too much to do, but ill try to make it interesting.

and yes i meant to say 'merry halloween' not 'happy halloween'

Sunday, October 30, 2005

i participated in a halloween scavenger hunt last night. it was great fun. we were lead all over town by clues searching for the location of the next clue. once all location were visited we had to gather the items listed on each clue (each item had different points assigned to them). at one point in the night i was rowing a canoe out into a river to get at another clue, it was a really good time. anyways,,, the team with the most points won. im not srue if we were the winners or not; i left early to meet up with a friend. ill find out later tonight if we won or not.

this halloween weekend was great

Saturday, October 29, 2005

last nights little adventure in madison was great, i really needed it. jake and i got into madison around 7 and had an hour and a half to kill before the 'my morning jacket' show. so we went out to eat and just walked around town checking out all the dressed up college students. and get got to meet my morning jacket. as we were walking past the annex they were walking right in front of us, and when we walked past there bus they saw they got a parking ticket, and jake started up a conversation with them, it was pretty cool.
anyway at the show we were front row center, and by the way, i didnt get any pictures cuase i didnt have a camera once again... the show was rockin', it was fucking great.

after the show we met up with my friends, melissa and grace, who did dress up for the evening. grace was a very sexy nurse, and melissa was an incredibly good looking cave woman. i hadnt seen either one in a couple months so it was good to catch up. we went over to our friends apartment and he was having a big party, so we got totally ripped! it was great.

we didnt get to bed until about 5:30 this morning so i was up for like 25 hours straight, it was a rough, but good night. i slept on a couch next to grace and jake, i couldnt really sleep it was very uncomfortable. so here i am with about 3 hours of sleep in the last 2 days and now im going out again to have another long night doing a scavenger hunt...

halloween weekend kicks ass

Friday, October 28, 2005

im going to madison tonight for the 'my morning jacket' show at the annex. then ill be off to state st. with my flask-o-vodka to meet up with some friends i havent seen in a while. i might bring a camera and get some shots of all the costumes and half naked college girls. i doubt ill be dressing up, i wouldnt know what to go as. im thinking about going as "nate the drunk" so ill just stumble around and pee on buildings

its looking to be a good night

Thursday, October 27, 2005

i went to taco bell for lunch today and had to wait 15 minutes for a grilled stuffed burrito (what I always get). 15 MINUTES! That was fucking crazy, I went there, I was hungry, I wanted my food fast. ITS FAST FOOD! FUCK!! But I did get it and a when I did, it was damn good and I was no longer pissed off...

I had my psychology exam today and thought it was pretty easy, so I think I did well on it. Some our school had photography equipment, but no photography class, so today I was talking to some other people in my physics class who want a photography class, and our teacher is going to try and get one for us this next semester.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

so last night i watched Last Days, and i dont know how to really out this... i didnt like it...
1. it had no plot
2. no story line
3. very very little dialogue
4. Kurt Cobain's name in the movie is 'blain'

it was very arty, and i seem accurate to what his last day were supposed to be, so i can understand why there was no plot or story, cause nothing important happened other then his death, at least they kept it realistic and didnt try to make a story that was fuctional. 'blain' talks in quiet mumbles, i couldnt understand a word he was saying, so later im going to try and watch it with subtitles...

all in all its 97 minutes of kurt, 'blain' on drugs walking around with a shotgun wearing a dress

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

i just ran out and picked up the new kurt cobain movie, last days, im currently too busy doing nothing to watch it, but i will watch it before i fall asleep and tell you all about it tomorrow, hopefully. currently im ripping a lot of music onto my computer. jake has a shit-ton of cds, so why not?

my english class is full of idiots, i was the only one who knew that "Uncle Sam" ment "United States" "u.s."..."u.s." there was this guy who was sitting there asking "uhh is 'Sam' supposed to mean something??" duh you dipshit! so i practically yelled out what it is and looked over at them like, 'dumb-fucks'....

that was my little in-your-face comment for the day,

its been a long lazy day so far. i got up an hour late this morning , so i was late for work, again. but only by about 20 minutes, so it could have been worse. i couldnt stay late at work this morning either cause its tuesday and i had class early today. class was alright, i have a exam in my psychology class thursday that im not looking forward to, and i have to have a paper written for my english class my this time next week, and i havent started it yet.

this weekend is going to kick ass, becuase i have nothing do to around here, and no one to be with, ill be spending my halloween weekend in madison. for those of you who dont know, madison gets totaly crazt around halloween. its State Street block parties are famous for having a good time and seeing fucked up shit. the last few years there have been riots and shit has gotta outa control.

friday night im going to see 'my morning jacket', then after the show its off to state street for a drunking adventure

Monday, October 24, 2005

iv become addicted to this game with a score of about 236,000!

i have writers bloc
k at the moment, so bear with me. i just cant think of what to write, im boring, flat out dull. and yes... i did spell 'caffein' wrong in that picture, im dyslectic if you didnt already know that...

kat decided she wants to "take a break", and im not sure what that really means, i guess its j
ust me seeing her less then i was, which, i wasn't seeing her much, so I guess not too much has changed in that sense. I did really wanna be on a break, even though I didn't get to see her that often, it didn't bother me much, just knowing we were together was good enough for me...

Sunday, October 23, 2005

even turtles need love

I found my old notebook I used to write in. I started it about three years ago, and wrote a lot of shit down in it. as I read through it, old ideas came to mind, along with old feelings. there were times where I didn't write in it for months, yet its still really full. I guess this blog has taken over the writing I did in the notebook, but I think im going to start doing that again. besides iv written things in the book that I wouldn't have written here, ill find some stories I wrote in there and put them up on here sometime........


Saturday, October 22, 2005

damn, my weekend sucks! im spending my saturday cleaning the basement and watching arrested development. i found out that matthew good will be playing a show nean the us/canada border. i really wanna go, but its a 8 hour drive one way, and in the middle of the week... shit...
i just bought some more dvds on amazon, iv already run out of places to but them all. i still have a lot more to buy too

laugh when you shouldnt

iv been too lazy to write much in here, but iv been drawing a lot. usualy just random thoughts...
i had a totaly shitty friday, i failed a test, and now ill have to work my ass off just to pass with a reasonable grade.

im thing about doing a series my drawings on here every now and then. id like to have a name to them, but i cant think of a good one...

Friday, October 21, 2005


last night wasnt really the nice night out i hoped it would be.

although, the decemberists kicked total ass! it was a great show

this is all i really have to say at the moment, iv been making some more fucked up sketches and ill be going out later today to get some new photos hopefully...

Thursday, October 20, 2005


im at school at the moment, i had a rough day so far. i went out to lunch, and when i got back i locked my keys in my car, and i live 30 minutes away! not only that, i didnt ahve time to wait after class for someone to bring me a spare, im leaving class early to go to madison with kat. so not only did i come 45 minutes late, but im leaving 30 minutes early... but i dont care, its a 3 hour class so i wont be missing too much.

i wont have time to post later... so this is all i have for today... sorry

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

iv been mentaly and physicaly drained... here is my day

i got up at 4:30 IN THE MORNING to go to work at 5.
work was work, it sucked, i got home at 8:15 and took a shower
i had a bit of time so i made some french toast and read some blogs
i got to class at 9:45 after the 30 minute drive. i was dead tired and had to take a college algebra test, which isnt tough at all, and the fact that i had to just sit there and do it when its soo easy pissed me off. the test took me about 20 min. so i had half an hour to kill before my friends got done with classes and we could go get some food. so yet again, i read some blogs and did a little work in physics. went to lunch with dave and tyler at the italian place in town and burned the roof of my mouth on my food, no to plesent.

i got back from lunch, at about 11:30. for the next hour and 15 minutes i worked on my physics because there was yet another test in that class... 1:00 rolled around and i had the test, that hour and 15 minutes did nothing for me. then again, no one knew what they were doing, so there should be a nice curve on the grading. after that test, i couldnt even think, i was dead.

being dead, i had to drive back home, another 30 minutes, and from there i had to go to work, and now its about 7:40, iv been home for 20 minutes, and im more dead then before... yes, a person can become
more dead.

and just because i can,,, here are some pictures

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


the blood center had been calling me all the time telling me they need my blood, so today i caved and went in after the last class. i dont think it was a good ideal. i was already really tired out from lack of a good nights sleep. i was nodding off in classes and having a tought time driving. giving blood may not have helped that, but i went anyways. the needle they poked my finger with to test my iron level hurt/hurts more then the huge needle they jabbed into my arm. i have a needle mark that makes it look like i did heroin. i was so tired i slept for three hours when i got home. it was a long day....

Monday, October 17, 2005

i found out that getting drunk the night before i have to get up for work at 4:30 isnt the greatest idea iv had. for some reason lastnight i just felt like finishing off my beer. well i did, then i moved on to the other case... but id do it again, why not...?

i went out taking pictures today, but didnt feel like putting them up right now, maybe tomorrow...

we hope you are pleased

here is a true story,

my cat always liked to go outside and run off. he would always come back, but on his own time. one evening in mid summer, when i was 12, i had to go out and get some wash off the line before it got too dark out. as i went out our back door, my cat ran outside. i didnt think to much of it; it was getting dark, and he'd be back in a little bit, so i went and got the clothes off the line and took them in the house. i then went to the back door to let the cat in,,, he wasnt there. so i went out looking for him, by now it had gotten darker out, and becuase the cat is black, i had trouble finding him. i walk up along side of the house and out the the bushes my cat just took off tward the road, you might see where this is going... as the cat darted across a large truck was coming down the road. sure enough, it hit the cat. i stood on the sidewalk in shock as i watch this cat squirm around making strange uncatlike noise while blood flowed from its head... slowly, the cats irratic movements came to an end, and i walked up to it, tears in my eyes, iv had this cat for a long time, about five years, and i just saw it hit by a truck and die right before my eyes, i came closer to the cat, i couldnt even think, it was a horriable scene. as i came up to my cat i noticed something, it was in fact, not my cat, it was a stray black cat who, in the darkness, looked just like mine, i turned toward my house to see my cat on the front porch, not dead...

have a nice day

Sunday, October 16, 2005

fast, safe, convenient

the wedding last night wasnt as bad as i thought it would be. the wedding lasted about 15 minutes, and the dinner later was really good. i got to drink a little, not much cause i had to drive, but it was still nice. me and my brother left right after eating and i had jake but my some beer. we went home and drank while watching some arrested development season 2. i feel alseep kinda early, about 11ish. at about 1:45 i work up to see that i had missed some messages from kat on my msn, i sent her a message back just after she signed off, so i went back to bed, which didnt work! i cant sleep so i put in some matt good, hoping to relax, but it didnt help. i got up early this morning for no reason, and i wasnt hung over at all, so that was really nice. then i went to support kat's high school band by going to an 'all you can eat' pancake breakfast, it was good... now im home with nothing to do...

...sorry about the pointless boring story, im sure have an even worse one later, so
dont worry.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

from concentrate

i havent been in the mood to post lately. i had a real shitty friday night...

i skipped my math class friday, mostly becuase i just didnt feel like going to it, and i was really tired.
iv had the weird urge to go see 'the fog' lately, i think its becuase every morning for the last week its been really foggy out as i drove to class. this usualy gives me roadrage, people feel the need to go so fucking slow in the fog, i just wanna go fast, and i always get stuck behind large trucks that cant speed up at all. i have a wedding to go to tonight, im not looking forward to it, my cousin is getting married, and i dont even know which one it is. i easly have over 40 cousins, my mom and each have 6 brothers or sisters, and they all have about 3 kids of their own, its a big family. the only reason i have to stay is so jake and drink and i can drive him home, thats no fun!

...the rat who would be king...

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

and now for your viewing pleasure

for some reason i cant upload any pictures on to my blog. i had finally decided to put up some pictures of the bands at mother fools, but no, i cant. i was able to put up the pictures of kat and i, but that its. those are the only pictures i like anyway.

i had a pair of work shoes for over two years, and yesterday they one totaly fell apart, i could see my socks though it. it wasnt a pretty picture. so i had to go out between classes and get a new pair. i hate them, im not good with change after such a long time... fucking shoes....

i picked up two tickets for me and kat to go see the decemberists on the 20th. im really looking forward to it

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

all you care to eat!

i have a sleeping disorder, its not one with a name, i just dont get enough sleep. i found out the other day that people my age (18) are supposed to get 9.25 hours of sleep a day. i get between 4-5 hours. thus, i have a sleeping disorder. i could hardly stay awake in class today, it doesnt help that it's boring... right now im listing to jake bitch about not having enough money to move out to california next week and having to stay here for about 5 months, he's hoping to win the lottery so he never has to work ever agian, but dont we all...? so at the moment im forced to share a room with jake, i was thinking hed be leaving soon, but it looks like that wont be happening. but now that hes 21 i like having him around...