Thursday, September 18, 2008


No longer will I get stupid wall posts from people I haven't seen in years and have no real desire to ask 'how I've been'. No longer will I get invites to parties I have attend anyways due to work. No longer will aimlessly waste what little time I have during the day seeing what people I can care less about are doing hour by hour. No longer will I subscribe to Facebook.

I've deleted my Facebook account. For those of you reading this, you are not the one's I make mention to in the previously poorly written self-righteous paragraph.

In the height of my maleness, last week I got drunk and ended up having a one-night-stand with a girl I met at the club I work at. I had seen her there once before and slightly flirted, a skill I'm greatly lacking in. She's very pretty which in my state of self-loathing caused my to wonder why she was even talking to me. One of my coworkers told me she had a kid a while back. This tends to happen to me, I meet and talk to girls who have some sort of baggage, and what's more baggage than a kid on your hip? A few drink in me and this little baggage thing was no longer an issue.

It wasn't my best performance and I'll gladly admit that. I was exhausted from being up nearly 24 hours and on top of it I was coming down from my intoxicated state and was feeling hungover. All I wanted to do was go to sleep and my whole body was in agreement with that.
Just for the record, I wasn't the only one in the room that wasn't playing up to par. After about 45 minutes of a poor performance on both our parts, I left.
As for the new job. I'm a sales associate in home theater for a big box store which shale remain nameless (as if you can tell). I'm off to a slow start and I'm not used to working for such a corporate place where rules must be followed to the letter. In the past I've been more prone to simply do things my own way and as long as the job got done there wasn't a problem. Not so much anymore.

I actually know nothing about home theater. When I went in for the interview with the GM he asked where I would like to work and as I was drawing a total blank I blurted out 'home theater' and sure enough there was an opening. I'm still at my job at the club and the one on campus which leaves very little free time but that's how I like it.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


New car, new job, new house, new year.

I'm working 3 jobs and going to school right now which is what I'm using to justify my absence.