Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Like usual after a long time of most posting I'm going to make excuses for my absence.

On top of working over 40 hours a week I've been taking summer classes in an attempt to graduate early. For the past 4 weeks I've had straight 4 hours of social statistics every day Monday through Thursday.

Last weekend my brother got married and we spent Thursday night in Chicago getting hammered. After an excessive amount of vodka I have no idea how much fun I had but from what I'm told it was a good time.

Nate: "How did we get back to the hotel last night?"
Quinn: "Uhh we took a taxi after we went down to the river."
Nate: "A taxi? We went down to the river?"
Quinn: "Yea..."
Nate: "Why am I only in my boxers...?"

I've been dating the girl from work for a while now and we've managed to keep it on the DL at work but more and more people are asking about us. She left her girlfriend for me and things have been going really well.

I could say more, but I don't feel like it... so here are some of the wedding photos I took.