Wednesday, March 19, 2008

upward mobility

One day away from the start of my spring break and I've unfortunately already mentally checked out. Unfortunate because I have an exam tomorrow morning and no desire to study for it. The thought of having three days with no school and no work is dancing around in my head. So much can potentially be done in three days; people seen, alcohol consumed, projects ignored, much needed sleep, etc.

Monday was Saint Patty's Day which went over quite well. I have a nasty habit of spending money when I go out drinking, most of it isn't even on myself. I run into someone I know, buy them a drink, go out with friends, buy rounds, see people I haven't seen in nearly half a decade, buy them a drink. For every drink there is a nice tip to the bar. It's a karma thing really.
I never ended up going out to Vagas, wedding plans we're changed. My brother is now getting married much closer to home in a couple months. It's good really, Vagas wasn't my first choice for a vacation place anyways. If things keep going as good as they have been I'll be able to take a trip for a week or two this summer. Vancouver would be my ideal place to visit. Summer while getting close is still too far away for me to start making plans. I know how quickly situations can change and extended planning isn't always for the best.

After spring break there is less than two months left before school lets out. It couldn't come sooner. Days with nothing to do but lay in the sun, grill out, play catch, and swim are on the horizon.

*edit* Immediately after posting this I checked my e-mails only to find that my test has now been pushed back to after spring break. My break starts as of this very moment.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


It has been a busy couple weeks. The only real time I spend at my computer with when I'm pumping out a sociology paper like I should be doing right now. Another percentage of my time is spent at the fitness center working out; which has been paying off quite well. I let myself go a little bit in the past year, but I've got it all back and then some.

I'm bar tending a lot more these days as well which makes taking weeks off a huge opportunity loss. This weekend I made more money in five hours than I would in a whole month at my other on-campus job (roughly 30 hours worth of work) . The club has started to pick up a lot, especially Saturday nights. We've been getting huge crowds of Asians coming in and they're an absolute blast to serve.

After this week my time should loosen up. The following week is my spring break which I've decided I wasn't going to work during that few days. I need that time to recover for the last few hellish weeks, time to sleep, time to drink, time to just relax.