Thursday, September 06, 2007

It's on... It's on video...?

So Nic took me to my very first major league baseball game. It was a total surprise for me, she wouldn't tell me where we were going and it wasn't until I saw the stadium that I realized what my surprise was. It was an awesome time.

Of course we had to get a hot dog, it was a fucking baseball game!!
We tailgated before the game, and got just trashed... I maybe watched 15 minutes of the game and would stand and cheer when other around me did.
She bought me beer!!
Nic and her friend Dom (we were all drunk)
We are so fucking hot!

I didn't even know I made this video... neither does she...

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


I'm currently sitting the in one of several campus computer labs. Classes start today, campus is pack with young adults wandering around looking for the correct building and room. First timers looking anxious like a mouse in a maze for the first time, looking for the cheese at the end only to realize that it wasn't cheese at all, it was cheese scented fabreez... poor bastards.

I do however enjoy observing people in the uneasy state of confusion. I walk around seeing these people with a slight smile on my face, one that I don't really understand yet I have it anyways. A packed campus is annoying.

I came to a odd realization the other night at work while talking with one of the bartenders; People who are fucking idiots rarely, if ever, are aware that they are in fact fucking idiots. (The realization wasn't about the bartender but it stemmed from the conversation we were having, and oh how true it is.) Who knows, maybe I'm a fucking idiot and don't even know it...