Monday, March 16, 2009

Biological and cultural consequences

In the past two months I've
  • Consumed more alcohol than I had thought possible
  • Quit drinking
  • Started smoking
  • Quit smoking
  • Abandoned most of my friends in one way or another
  • Missed having pets
  • Consumed massive amounts of coffee
  • Constantly daydreamed of being done with my bachelors degree
  • Daydreamed of July when I make my move to Phoenix
  • Worked full time while trying to go to school full time
  • Realized I'm making about half as much as my coworkers while being praised for doing a better job and asked to show people who make more than I do how to do as well as myself
  • Found out that I have to pay hundreds in federal back-taxes
  • Started donating plasma (donating for about $250/month)
  • Was rejected at the bars before a single word was said
  • Stopped going to to bars
  • Cursed the cold gray days and the weather's inability to make up its mind
  • Discovered Craigslist
  • Ignored blogging