Monday, July 09, 2007

you want it

Sorry, I haven't died yet...

I've been "unplugged" for the last month or so. No computer, no internet, etc. This is really the first time I've sat down at a computer in weeks. I kinda miss it, kinda don't.

I've been reading a lot of Steven King lately and when I'm not going that I'm working on one thing or another. I've been helping Nic work on her house here and there, doing what I can. I actually put in a hardwood floor all by my self the other week and felt really accomplished (It looks fucking great btw).

There has been a lot more work for me to do at the club these last few weeks as well. The manager and I have been doing remodeling work putting in 10 - 12 hours on a good day. Plus I've recently started bar tending so now I can do almost any job the club can throw at me. OH, and Girls Gone Wild was there a couple weeks ago but it was totally fucking lame and I didn't see so much as one titty... (it was 95% dick in there that night)

I got a sexy new phone a couple weeks ago. A red MotoRazor! I know everyone has them but fuck them, mine is awesome!

Hopefully Nic and I will be moving into the house soon and I'll be plugged in again... hopefully...